A Challenging Start...

Mickey's mother was a survivor of the Hurricane Katrina floods in New Orleans. Like many animals caught in the devastation, she and her offspring had to survive the aftermath of the hurricane - and the constant threat of mosquito-borne diseases like heartworm.

Ultimately, one of those puppies, a male named Mickey, ended up in a shelter, where he was destined to be euthanized. But good fortune was on his side. A father-daughter team that rescues animals from these shelters saved Mickey, and found an adoptive family 2,021 kms away in London, Ontario.

A new home. A new setback...

Like a great many rescue dogs from the New Orleans area, when Mickey came to Canada it was discovered he had heartworm disease - a potentially fatal condition. Currently, he's undergoing treatment to eliminate these invasive parasites in his heart and lungs - a process that can be both risky and expensive. Fortunately for Mickey, his prognosis is good. But like any dog with heartworm, he is a link in the chain to other dogs becoming infected. Mickey's owners didn't have the opportunity to prevent their dog from getting heartworm. But you do. It's easy with real beef HEARTGARD-30 PLUS chewables. It's protection that tastes like a treat.

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